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Supplies Needed...

Paint Shop Pro - Version X
Gradient of your choice.
I used a red tone , but found it too bright.
So, Ill show you how to colorize it .*S*
Alien Skin - Xenofex 2 - Burnt Edges.
A&S Christmas Script Font.
Christmas Stocking Brush,
or use your favorite Christmas Brush.
You may download the 'christmas stocking brush'
and the 'A&S Christmas Script Font' 'HERE'
Extract the brush to your Brushes Folder in PSP.

Ok ...Let's get started...

1. Open a transparent image - 500 x 700px.
We will resize it later.

2. Floodfill with your favorite gradient.
Linear Style - Angle 0 - Repeats 0 - Invert-Unchecked.

3. New Raster Layer.
Be sure your gradient is in the Lower box (background) in the Materials Palette.
Invert Gradient.
Tools - Paint Brush - Choose the Christmas Stocking,
or your favorite Xmas Brush.
See settings below...

Brush Settings
*NOTE* You may have to click the brush
a couple of times to make it show up clearly.
It will depend upon how strong your gradient is.

4. Click on the Text Tool.
Find the A&S Christmas Script font.
you may use a font of your choice.
Using the same gradient,
I chose to write 'Season's Greetings'.
but you may use whatever you prefer.
See Settings below...

Text Settings
Once satisfied - Convert to Raster Layer.
Using the 'Mover Tool', position to your liking .

5. Still on the Text Layer, Resize 85% (resize all layers UNTICKED).
Effects - 3D effects - Inner bevel.
See settings below...

Inner Bevel Settings

6. Layers - Merge All Flattened.

7. Image - Resize - 85%. (resize all layers TICKED)
Adjust - Sharpness - Sharpen.
Crop your image, if necessary.
Make note of your graphic size.
*OPTIONAL*...At this point, I decided that my Graphic
was too bright , so I Colorized it.
Adjust - Hue and Saturation - Colorize.
See settings below...

Colorize Settings
Set aside for the moment.

8. Open a new Transparent Image, approximately
100px larger, both length and width, than your graphic.
Floodfill with a pale complimentary color from your graphic.

9. Effects - Texture Effects - Texture.
See settings below...

Texture Settings
Apply this effect once more.

10. Effects - Plugins - Alien Skin - Xenofex 2 - Burnt Edges.
See settings below...

Xenofex Settings
11. Open your original graphic ( the xmas stocking).
Edit - Copy.

12. Make your 'textured effect' image active.
Edit - Paste - As a new layer.
Keep this layer active.

13. Effects - Plugins - Alien Skin - Xenofex 2 - Burnt Edges.
See settings below...

Xenofex Settings

14. Layers - Merge - All Flattened.

15. Add your name or watermark.
Save as gif.

Hope you enjoyed doing this tutorial.

'Happy Holidays'


Following are some lovely examples of this tutorial, created by my friends.

Created by my sister Gayle of Momentz Designz.
Thank you Gayle.

Gayle's Card


Created by my friend Sandra DB.
Thank you Sandra.

Sandra's Card


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