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I have written this tutorial for my friend Blue.
So che l'azzurro č il vostro favorito color...
Speranza che gradite il d'istruzione...


Supplies Needed...
Paint Shop Pro - Version X
Graphic of your choice.
Ulead Art Texture
Alf's BorderFX - Mirror Bevel
Mask 005
You may get the mask 'here'.

1. Open your graphic.
Duplicate three times. Close the original.
Minimize the other copy for now.

2. Choose two colors from your graphic,
a light color, and a deeper tone,
for the foreground and background colors.

3. New raster layer.
Floodfill with the deeper tone.

4. Layers - Load mask from disk.
Choose the _005 mask. Click OK.

5. Layers - Merge group.

6. Layers - Merge all flattened.

7. Image - Add borders - 2px - Use your lighter color.

8. Image - Add borders - 15px - white.
Select with magic wand.

9. Effects - Plugins - U-lead - Art texture.
See Settings below...

Ulead Settings

Ulead settings

I chose palette #46,
but you may need to choose a different one to match your graphic.
Keep selected.

10. Effects - 3D effects - Inner bevel.
See settings below.

Inner Bevel Settings

Selections - Select none.

11. Repeat Step 7.

12. Repeat steps 8 and 9.

13. Repeat Step 7, once more.

14. Image - Add borders - 35px - white.
Select with magic wand.

15. Highlight minimized copy.
You may select a portion of it, or use the whole graphic.
Edit - Copy.

16. Highlight framed graphic.
Edit - Paste into selection.
Keep selected.

17. Effects - Toadies - Blast'n'Blur.
See settings below...

Toadies Blast 'n Blur Settings

Keep selected.

18. Effects - Alf's Border FX - Mirror Bevel.
See settings below...

Mirror Bevel Settings

Selections - Select none.

19. Repeat Step 7.

20. Image - Add borders - 10px - white.
Select and repeat steps 9 and 10.

21. Repeat step 7.

22. Resize, sharpen, add your name and watermark.

Thank you for trying my tutorial,
hope you enjoyed it.


Here is an example created by Blue.
I'm soo pleased she liked the tutorial.
Thank you Blue.

Blue's Frame


I am co-owner of a wonderful group'PSPFriendsNMore'.
If you would like to take a peek at our site,
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