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Supplies Needed...

Paint Shop Pro - Version 9
Gold Fill
Plugins: Brushstrokes
Filter Attacks
An image of your choice.
I am using one of Sara Moon's beautiful paintings
You may see more of this beautiful artwork by visiting

You may download the goldfill,
and my corners 'here'

Ok ...Let's get started...

1. Open your image. Duplicate (shift D) twice.
Minimize one copy,
and close the original.

2. Choose a light color from your image for the background color.

3. Image - Effects - Plugins - Filter Attacks.
As there are no numbers for adjustments,
plus not written in English... *S* ...Try
to put the sliders as you see them
in my settings below...

Filter Attacks Settings     Filter Attacks Settings
4. New raster layer (layer 2).

5. Floodfill with the pale color that
you've chosen from the image.

6. Layers - Arrange - Send to bottom.

7. Activate the minimized copy.
Select a portion of it. Edit - Copy.
See screenshot below...

Example Screenshot

8. Activate your main image.
Selections - Select all.

9. New raster layer.
Edit - Paste into selection.
Selections - Select none.

10. Layers - Arrange - Send to bottom.
Your image and layer palette will look like the screenshot below...

Screenshot Example

11. Reduce the opacity of layer 2 to 62.

12. Close off layer 1.
You will see the following...

Screenshot Example

13. Merge layers 2 and 3 - Merge visible.

14. Highlight the Merged layer.

15. Image - Effects - Plugins - Brushstrokes - Sprayed strokes.
See settings below...

Sprayed Brush Stroke Settings

16. Repeat step 15 , but change the Vertical setting to Horizontal.

17. Adjust - Blur-gaussian Blur - Radius 3.

18. Effects - Plugins - Artistiques - Pastels.
See settings below...

Pastel Settings

19. Reduce opacity of layer 1 to 36.
*Note*...This setting could depend upon
the image that you've chosen to use.

20. Layers - Merge - All flattened.

21. Image - Add Borders - 2px - white.

22. Select with magic wand. Floodfill with the goldfill.

*Note* Because of the light colors in the background,
you will also select some of the bits on the top and bottom.
If you prefer not to have this effect,
just use a different color when you add your border.
Keep selected.

23. Effects - 3D effects - Drop Shadow.
See settings below...

Drop Shadow Settings

24. Selections - Select none.

25. Image - Add borders - 10px -
Color- Use the light color you chose earlier.

26. Image - Add borders - 2px - white.
Select and floodfill with the goldfill.
Selections - Select none.

27. Image - Add borders - 55px - white.

28. Select - Edit - Paste into selection.
(your selected image from step 7,
should still be in your cache)
Keep selected.

29. New raster layer.

30. Floodfill with the pale color.
Reduce the opacity of this layer to 62.
Keep selected.

31. Layers - Merge visible...
Keep selected.

32. Repeat Steps 15 through 18.
Keep selected.

33. Edit - Copy.

34. Image - Add borders - 55px - white.
Select the border.
Edit - Paste into selection.

35. Effects - 3D effects - Drop Shadow.
See Settings below...

Drop Shadow Settings

36. Selections - Select none.

37. Repeat Steps 21 through 26.

38. Add some decorative corners, and your name or watermark.
Resize and save as jpeg.

This tutorial is a little long,
but I hope you enjoyed it and like your results...


Below is an example created by my friend Blue.
Thank you Blue.

Blue's Soft Pastel Frame


Below is another sample that I made,
using a floral image.

Pastel Frame Two


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Dianne McFarlane

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