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Welcome to my 'Tutorials'.
I have been invited by Mangels to write some tutorials in
Paint Shop Pro, using 'Scraps'
exclusively from Mangels Designs.

Thank you Mangels, for the lovely compliment.

As I have found with most 'Scrap kits',
the papers, elements, etc. are very large,
and in order to write my tutorials in psp,
I have to resize them considerably.
Those of you who are making 'scrap pages' with them,
I assume, will use the 'scrap items' as you find them.
Should you decide to follow any of my tutorials,
you may just ignore the resizing parts.

Any psper's who wish to make tags, etc, using
my tutorials, may use 'scrap kits' of your choice,
or you may click on the banner below to become a member of
Mangels Designs Digital Scrapbooking site.

Mangels Site Banner

Any masks or brushes, etc, that I have used will be zipped,
and included with the tutorial.
I will be using floral tubes, royalty free graphics,
or graphics with which I have permission to use.
Please do not take them, or get the proper permission
to use them. Please do not write me for permission.
In place of these you may use your favorite photograph.

Please click on the thumbnail below
to take you to the tutorial.


Butterflies World One         Butterflies World Two         Silks and Florals

Quilt Patches         Textured Stripes         Sunshine

Victorian Reflections         Framing Treasures         Autumn Silks

Golden Monograms on Amythest         Coming Soon         Coming Soon


I am pleased to be a member of 'Tutorial Writers Inc'.
TWI represents tutorial writers who have decided to unite and end tutorial and bandwidth theft.
You may click on the banner below to read all about this wonderful group.

Tutorial Writers  Inc.


If you would like to learn to create beautiful web pages,
visit 'Red Rose Web Design'.
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Dianne McFarlane

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